United Rock

At United Rock Products, customer commitment comes first.

United Rock Products began mining aggregates in 1916. Our 300-acre site is located in Irwindale - just 25 miles east of Los Angeles. Virgin aggregate material is processed into sand and gravel through cutting-edge crushing and screening operations. Whether making custom blends or creating new products, we have the knowledge and commitment to meet even the most specialized customer needs.

A Plant Designed For Efficiency
Our automated truck loadout system consists of twelve bins situated above truck scales. This state-of-the-art system can load, weigh, and ticket in as little as one minute. What's more, close freeway access allows our customers to be on the road and delivering material to their job in a matter of minutes.

Commitment to the Community
Our goal is to reclaim the depleted quarries after the reserves have been exhausted. This will allow the land to be reused for commercial or residential development projects. This process is important because it enables our participation in the revitalization of Irwindale and surrounding communities.