“Safe Production with Zero Incidents”

Our goal is to eliminate incidents through proper management, training and employee involvement. We will take every reasonable precaution to provide a safe, healthful and productive work environment and will control to the greatest extent possible all recognized hazards associated with our work. A significant measure of our success is determined by our ability to develop a sense of safety awareness within each employee.

We know that proper safety management achieved through hazard recognition, training and experience will promote a positive work environment aimed at protecting our most valuable resource, our employees.


Living Goal Zero is a set of 8-core symbolic Icons as you can see on the screen around the Goal Zero Logo.

The lifesaving Icons are in place to protect our employees from serious injury. They apply to many of the activities we do every day; they are simple to follow and must always be followed.

Abiding by these Icons and behaviors will prevent the type of incidents that cause most serious injuries and ensure we continue our journey to Goal Zero. All employees need to be accountable for life saving Icons.

Since we launched our Goal Zero program, we have continually improved our health and safety performance. Serious incidents may be infrequent but the potential to cause serious injury or lead to a fatality remains.

The behaviors with associated Icons for Sully-Miller operations are represented to eliminate serious injury risks and to prevent work related fatalities within our company, better known as Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) prevention. Each lifesaving behavior consists of a basic icon with descriptive figures, and additional detailed guidance to support why the behavior is important and what our employees must focus on.