Performance Emulsions

Performance Emulsions, a Colas Solutions™ provider, and the many companies within the Colas Group come from a long history of providing our neighbors the benefits of innovative, long-lasting construction products and preventive maintenance systems. In the early 1920s, two British chemists, Hugh Alan Mackay and George Samuel Hay, devised the first bitumen emulsion. The ensuing “Cold Asphalt” patent, from which the “Colas” name is derived, was first licensed in 1924. Today, that innovation continues and has led to one of the world’s leading Global construction companies and the world’s largest asphalt emulsion producer. Performance Emulsions continues in the Colas Group tradition by focusing on strong research and development, continuous improvement of industry products and systems, and delivery of innovative, responsible solutions for building, maintaining, and preserving today’s infrastructure investments through our various companies and customers in the greater Los Angeles area.

Performance Emulsions, through Colas Solutions™, has now brought a world of innovations to you through the hands of our local contractors and our representatives throughout Southern California. We know the neighborhood and needs because we also live there.  Performance Emulsions can help you choose the right systems, materials, and construction resources for your particular project needs. We work with your staff to provide the technical assistance you may need to effectively design, build, maintain, and preserve your pavement and infrastructure networks. And with Performance Emulsions, you’ll know you’re addressing them in a way that respects and protects the environment as well as the safety of the communities we live in.